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Premium lawn care and yard maintenance in salt lake city utah

Quality Residential Lawn Services in Salt Lake City, UT

When buying your home you may have imagined having a lush, green lawn and nice and neat landscaping that allows you to enjoy the outdoors from your backyard, or even just from a window when Utah weather is being its unpredictable self.

However, taking care of your home and yard can require a remarkable amount of time, energy, and tools you may not have. That's where A Superior Cut comes in, a residential and commercial landscaping company in Salt Lake. We have the best landscaping equipment and walker mowers, and are licensed and insured specialists who provide expert lawn care.

In addition to serving individual clients, we also offer services to Homeowners' Associations (HOAs) for landscape maintenance.
We serve Commercial customers as well.

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We use commercial-grade equipment that is scrupulously serviced to ensure we have sharp mower and trimmer blades that cut, rather than tear, your grass. Tearing grass results in brown tips that don't look great, and also don't feel great when you're walking or sitting on your grass.
  • Precision Edging is part of our lawn care services.  A Superior Cut not only offers precision edging (many lawn mowing services do not), but also uses either an edger with a steel blade or line trimmer based on the type of edge. We carefully bevel the edge near your house, which can eliminate wood and vinyl damage to the bottom of your siding.
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From crabgrass to clover or dandelions to goat heads (puncturevine), we use the best safe, proven weed sprays to get rid of weeds in:
  • Grass
  • Flower Beds
  • Sidewalk Cracks
  • Driveway Seams
  • Street-side Gutters
always using sprays that are guaranteed to kill weeds while taking into account the health and safety of you and your family, and without damaging surrounding plants.
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Preparing for Utah winters requires some specific tasks, including cleaning up fall leaves, applying mulch, cleaning out flower beds, aeration, etc. See our Fall and Spring Clean-Up page for more information.
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Just as fall requires its own seasonal attention, spring does, too. Again, see our Fall and Spring Clean-Up page for more information.
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For aeration services, we poke small holes evenly across your lawn. These holes disrupt lawn roots that are too entangled, and they allow fresh flow of air, water, and nutrients that hungry roots need.
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Depending on your soil condition and local plants, we can get and keep your soil healthy for growth. See our Fertilization page for additional details.

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Total Clean Up

We make sure that the only proof of our work after we've left is your beautiful yard. We bag all debris and leave it ready for city pick-up.
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 $150.00 gratuity. Thanks for all your great work for another year! 

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Wherever you're located in the Salt Lake Valley--from Millcreek to Sandy to West Jordan-- A Superior Cut is the lawn care service for your lawn care needs.