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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of service packages do you offer?
Our most common service groups include:
  • Basic Grass Program. Trim/Edge and Mow with state-of-the-art Walker commercial equipment, Clean-Up, and 100% weed elimination in all concrete and street-side gutters.
  • Basic Grass Plus. Trim/Edge, Mow, Weed Control of Lawn, and Maintaining Flower and Tree Beds with Weed Spray.

We exclusively use the IFA 4-Step Fertilization Program which is a premium, locally-produced, seasonally optimized fertilizer with weed stoppers and soil amendments which we have adapted into a 6-step program by adding 2 Humate applications during the service season as we've never found anything better.

 Most lawn services use rakes and canvas to clean debris out of display beds causing damage to sensitive or expensive plants, shrubbery and above-ground watering hoses and fixturing. A Superior Cut uses powerful blowers to first loosen, then remove debris clear from around all plants and fixturing in flower/tree-beds and also gutters, fence-lines and hard-scapes onto main turf areas. Then we precision-cut all curbing and unfinished turf edges to a knife-edge or bevel-edged finish. Next we vacuum-mow up all the debris on turf areas with state-of-the- art commercial mowers using sharp blades with powerful vacuums which leaves a beautiful "pool-table"-like finish. We can do light bush trimming and will consider other projects.

If you don't see services that suit you here, we do offer Free Bids to discuss additional work you might like.

What is the payment schedule for A Superior Cut services?
We use a monthly payment schedule. The timing of this is agreed upon when you choose which services you'd like.

What forms of payment does A Superior Cut accept?
We no longer accept personal checks. We do accept business checks, cash, and have started accepting Venmo payments. You can download the Venmo app to your phone and then find us at @Venmo under the name @sloan1.
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