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Spring and Fall Yard Clean Up Services in Salt Lake City, UT

One of the things Utah residents enjoy most about our beautiful state is that we get to experience all four seasons, distinctly and sometimes all in the same day! This means that our lawns and gardens also need many kinds of gardening care. 

A Superior Cut, a lawn and garden maintenance company based in the Salt Lake Valley, is licensed and insured and has skilled employees ready to offer residential and commercial landscaping services summer, spring, and fall [Link to Services page]. We offer:
  • Summer lawn care. This is what most people associate with landscaping. Lawn mowing, weed spraying, and lawn fertilization are some of our most common yard services. None of our services are just basic lawn care services, though. Everything we do, we do with care and attention to detail, right down to our employees' uniforms. See our Services page for additional information on the menu of what we offer.
  • Fall yard clean-up. This is a bit more involved. See below for more details.
  • Spring yard clean-up and preparation. This is also a busy time for your garden and lawn. See below for details about our spring yard work.
Seasonal Spring Yard Care and Lawn Clean-Up Services | Murray Utah
Seasonal Spring Yard Care and Lawn Clean-Up Services | Murray Utah

Seasonal Spring Yard Care and Lawn Clean-Up Services

Spring clean-up can involve any or all of the following steps, depending on the species of plants, trees, and grass you have in your yard. During spring, A Superior Cut specialists can:
  • Remove debris.
  • Apply pre-emergent for weeds. This makes weed control during the year much easier.
  • Prepare flower beds. 
  • Weed control. At the best time to spray for weeds, we handle any that weren't deterred by pre-emergent.  Our spot treatment gets all of those pesky weeds without applying unnecessary chemicals to your thriving plants and lawn.
  • Prune shrubs. Especially early spring plants like lavender, lilacs, and forsythia.
  • Dethatching lawn. This gives living grass the space and nutrients it needs.
  • Apply fertilizer. This is just one area where our 10+ years of experience in the Salt Lake Valley benefits our clients. We use a granular fertilizer that has high success.
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Seasonal Fall Landscaping Clean-Up and Leaf Removal Services

Many of the spring yard services we offer also apply to fall clean-up, so there will be some crossover. The lawn and garden specialists at A Superior Cut offer these services for fall lawn care:
  • Remove debris. In the fall, this usually applies to raking leaves and landscaping leaf removal.
  • Prepare flower beds for winter.
  • Aerate the lawn.
  • Clean out garden beds of annual plants. We also can plant bulbs to blossom in the spring.
  • Trim your trees. We are not arborists, so there are limits to our skills, but basic tree pruning is well within our skill and experience.
  • Apply fertilizer to grass. Some plants and trees also do well with fall fertilizers.
  • Clean-up weeds. By this point, your weeds should be dead through proper lawn care or just the changing seasons. We make sure to remove these to prevent more weeds.


As always, with all of our lawn and garden care services, we pride ourselves on the professional manner in which we clean up before leaving. We don't leave grass clippings or other messes behind. We also save our customers additional fees by bagging all debris and allowing the city programs to take them.

A Superior Cut is eager to provide year-round lawn care throughout the Salt Lake Valley. We serve many Utah cities, including West Jordan, Holladay, Millcreek, and more. If you'd like to sign up for our top notch, beautiful landscaping services.