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Meticulously well tended grass and flower gardens in salt lake valley

Is Hiring a Gardener or Lawn Service Company Worth It?

Of course, we may be a little biased at A Superior Cut, but we absolutely believe that hiring a lawn and garden maintenance company is worth it. In a beautiful and biologically diverse area like the Salt Lake Valley, we know that careful attention to your unique grass type and lawn is essential to having a healthy yard with tidy landscaping. It takes knowledge and experience to recognize what each yard needs and provide superior services for each property.

With our 10+ years of experience in the business, we know that we can offer commercial and residential customers top-quality work at reasonable prices for the services rendered. We also pride ourselves on keeping honest and trustworthy employees that you wouldn't hesitate to have working in your neighborhood.


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Lawn care

Commercial & Residential Landscaping Maintenance, Salt Lake City

Our commercial and residential lawn and garden services are fairly similar; they mostly vary in scale. For example, a common set of lawn services from us might include:
  • Power edging with a continuously sharpened steel blade for a knife-edge finish. 
  • Bevel edging at low RPM to reduce wood or vinyl damage to your home, leaving a beautiful soft, sloping grass edge to curved or un-curbed grass edges.
  • Mowing the lawn with the best landscaping equipment. Our extremely sharp mower blades provide a "knife-edge cut" to the lawn, rather than dull blades which essentially tear the grass instead of cutting it. Sharp cuts prevent unsightly and uncomfortable brown tips on your grass.
  • Spraying for weeds. We know how to get rid of weeds in block paving, gravel, between pavers, flower beds, and concrete cracks in street gutters without damaging your plants or lawn. We specifically spot-treat weeds instead of widely spraying weed killer throughout your lawn and in flower beds, thus eliminating chemicals from the areas that don’t need it.  By adding IFA's fertilizer program, we also nurture surrounding plants while killing weeds.
  • Thorough clean-up. Other than the appearance of your now meticulous yard (and even your street gutters), you'll never know we were there. No grass clippings or dust trails are left behind from our work.

This covers just some of our most basic lawn care services. We also offer:

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For leaf clean-up we use powerful blowers to gather your leaves in areas on the grass, then use a state-of-the-art commercial mower to vacuum up and finely chop debris, which is neatly bagged and deposited for your city pick-up, then do light tree trimming, cleaning annual flowers out of flower beds, trimming back perennials, aeration, etc.
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Removing winter debris, fertilizing especially for your type of grass here in Utah soil. We use the IFA fertilization program, which includes:
  • Pre-Emergent
  • Water-Retention Products
  • Powerful Root Nutrients
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Early Spring Weed Control

Keeping weeds down prevents them from seeding and spreading. We also eliminate weeds in street-side gutters.
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See our Residential Page for details on our aeration service.
If you've always wanted to enjoy a relaxing, charming, and well-kept yard but you simply don't have the time, energy, or desire to tackle it, please reach out to A Superior Cut. We're here to care for your yard as if it were our own, and we take pride in knowing we've given you lawn and garden care that is a cut above the rest.