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Lawn Specialists Apply Fertilizer for Yard Care, Salt Lake City, UT

Just like a healthy person, grass, plants, and trees need nutrients to grow up to be healthy. Lawn care experts can give professional recommendations, mix and/or choose the best fertilizer for your soil health, and apply fertilizer at the right time, to the right plants. A Superior Cut offers the best lawn treatment in this area.  We use the IFA fertilization program because it is specifically designed for the unique Utah soils and grasses which includes pre-emergents; water-retention products and powerful root nutrients for fast green-up.

Spring, Summer, and Fall Fertilizers for Grass

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Spring Fertilization
replenishes the phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium in your soil to aid in the growth of your grass as it comes out of dormancy.  This fertilizer also contains a pre-emergent to keep a weed-free lawn.  If the weed seeds are eliminated early, they won’t take over your grass in the spring and summer.

Another spring fertilizer application we perform is often called "weed and feed".  It both suppresses weeds in your lawn and uses fertilizer at the same time.
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Summer Fertilization
encourages deep root growth during the hottest part of the year.  This is one of the most important fertilization applications for your grass.  By slowly releasing the fertilizer, your grass won’t show the stress of the hot summer months as easily.  We use a fertilizer developed for our unique Utah soil and weather conditions.
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Fall Fertilization
is the most important application.  We mow the lawn for the last time right before applying fall lawn fertilizers, helping your lawn grow when spring comes.


If you live in the Salt Lake Valley--whether it be Millcreek, Federal Heights, South Jordan, or Sandy--A Superior Cut is here to provide the best lawn and garden services at your home or business. We are precise and professional in our lawn care work and would be happy to talk with you about making life simpler with a local lawn care service.