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Ontario, Oregon’s Premier Yard Maintenance Company

A Superior Cut has spent over 18 years as the standard of lawn care in the Salt Lake Valley and has since extended our services to Oregon. We are applying our extensive high desert experience to help our friends from Nyssa to Ontario attain and maintain thriving yards. Call us today at (385) 227-4452.

We believe that hiring a yard maintenance company should take every stress out of achieving lush, green landscaping. This is why our dependable and honest employees will show up in uniform, work efficiently, and thoroughly clean up every time. You can count on our licensed and insured company to perform all of your lawn care tasks.
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Gorgeous lawn and garden work

Western Treasure Valley Lawn Mowing and Edging Professionals

We prioritize using the right lawn mowing and edging equipment; just like you wouldn’t take a faulty raft on the Snake River, we’d never use a dull blade to cut your grass. A dull blade tears the grass but we promise a superior cut, with sharpened blades from regularly serviced top-rate equipment. A clean cut leaves your grass bright green from root to tip; it will be comfortable for bare feet, or a summer catnap in the shade of a tree.

We take pride in our precision edging. We assess whether each edge calls for a steel blade or a line trimmer, and our custom bevel near the house or fence prevents damage to any adjacent vinyl and wood.


Specialized Fall and Spring Lawn Maintenance 

One of the perks of hiring our company to complete your yard work is that we will stay on top of annual and semi-annual lawn care tasks so that you don’t have to. Our services include:
  • Spring and Fall Clean-up - Our clean-up includes cleaning out or preparing flower beds, raking leaves, pruning bushes, light tree trimming, weeding, and general cleanup of debris that runoff and wind bring into your yard.
  • Weed Control - Part of our spring service is applying pre-emergent as well as weed and feed. This ensures that, from the get-go, we are deterring the weeds from establishing themselves in your yard. Wind and bird droppings can bring in additional seeds, so we treat and remove rogue weeds throughout the year.
  • Aeration - Our aeration service makes small holes down into the soil, alleviating the compaction that builds up over time. It allows the roots of the grass to spread out and access the water and nutrition they need.
  • Dethatching - A diligent aeration schedule can help prevent the need for dethatching, but if more organic material has built up than can be naturally decomposed, a spongy layer develops. This thatch layer doesn’t allow the grass to receive the nutrients it needs and can contribute to shallow root systems. Dethatching solves that.
  • Fertilization - The trick to fertilization is that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. We choose the correct lawn fertilizer based on the time of year, the condition of your grass, the nutritional needs of the soil, and the development of the root system.

Years of practice give us the ability to recognize the needs of your yard in each season. We will provide the right lawn maintenance services at the right time and in the right way.



Beyond our residential lawn services, we provide commercial groundskeeping services and work with HOAs. We also stay busy all winter long with our holiday light installations including takedown and holiday light storage. No matter the season, we have a service to keep your home or business exterior looking superior. Call A Superior Cut at (385) 227-4452 for service throughout Western Treasure Valley from Nyssa to Ontario, OR.