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Lawn Care Experts Give Lawn Treatment, Fall & Spring Yard Clean-Up in Murray Utah
Lawn Care Experts Give Lawn Treatment, Fall & Spring Yard Clean-Up in Murray Utah

Superior Lawn Care Services in Fruitland, Idaho

With over 18 years of high desert yard maintenance experience, 2024 is the year that A Superior Cut lawn care company has extended operations from Salt Lake City to Fruitland, Idaho. We established lawn care services here in northwest Idaho to share our skills and appreciation for pristinely-kept, healthy lawns.

Our customers have long used words like ‘meticulous’, and ‘precise’, to describe our work. Our state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line equipment and our strict attention to detail will visually distinguish your yard from others. Keep our number handy–(385) 227-4452–because, until your neighbors give us a call, their view will always show that the grass truly is greener on the other side.

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Yard Maintenance From Lawn Fertilizer to Weed Control

Fruitland’s four distinct seasons require specific annual yard maintenance duties to preserve your lawn’s clean green curb appeal.

Seasonal Spring Yard Care and Lawn Clean-Up Services | Murray Utah
Seasonal Spring Yard Care and Lawn Clean-Up Services | Murray Utah

Spring and Fall Yard Maintenance

  • Weed Control: When temps hit around 55 degrees, we can use pre-emergent and then spot-treat any lingering weeds as needed. In the fall we also remove any weeds that may have broken through during the summer.

  • Dethatching Lawn: Though this step is not necessary every year, we can help determine if breaking up the thatch can help your yard thrive by giving the roots better access to water and nutrients.
  • Aeration: Another tool to help the roots access the space and nutrients they need, this annual service’s main purpose is to prevent the soil from becoming too compacted.
  • Lawn Fertilizer Service: From spring through fall, an evenly and correctly applied fertilizer will produce a lush, green lawn that will naturally discourage weeds and pests.

Lawn Mowing and Edging Maintenance Company

Summertime is the time for your yard to stand out. From when the snow melts to when it falls again the following winter, we will be there to professionally mow and edge your lawn.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is a huge factor that sets us up as the best of lawn care companies. Routine service on our mowers and edgers ensures we have sharp blades that will cleanly cut your grass, keeping it green from root to tip. There won’t be any brown scratchy parts from the grass being torn, so you’ll be comfortable sitting and reading a book, running barefoot, and rolling down a hill with the kids (or at least watching them).


Holiday christmas lights

Holiday Lights Installation

During the late fall and winter months, our focus turns from keeping your lawn green to adding color and brightness to your home. We hang custom Halloween and Christmas lights and come back after the holidays to take them down. We also provide storage options to keep your lights clean, dry, and out of the way until it is their time to shine again. 

We help with hassle-free curb appeal all year long. In every service, we guarantee thorough clean-up, leaving a beautiful yard as the only evidence we were ever there.
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Commercial Lawn Care

In addition to our residential lawn care services, we tend to commercial lawns and HOAs. We provide all of the same yard maintenance services from fertilization to mowing and edging to weed control on a larger scale. Call us when you want to let your customers know that you care about your business inside and out.



We run background checks on our employees and always arrive in uniform to provide our premium yard maintenance services. Trust nothing less. For an expert lawn care company in Fruitland, Idaho, contact A Superior Cut today at (385) 227-4452.