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Lawn Care Services in Boise, Idaho

A Superior Cut is a premier lawn care company that has performed expert yard maintenance in the high desert of the Salt Lake Valley for over 18 years. Recently we’ve established a branch near Boise, Idaho, to extend our keen, professional care to the Treasure Valley.

From top-of-the-line equipment to background checks for our employees, we are precise in every aspect of our business. For professional lawn mowing, edging, fertilization, and weed control services–call (385) 227-4452 today.

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Residential Lawn Care, Mowing, & Edging Services

The dream for many Treasure Valley families is a large, beautiful yard to run and play in. The reality is that it takes a lot of time and work to maintain a lawn. From keeping a lawn mowing schedule, knowing the proper time to fertilize, and controlling weeds, yard work is just that–work! Hard work! Even when you have an established system, the frequently changing seasons can throw off habits and set back your progress.

A Superior Cut lawn mowing and edging services speak for themselves. Our methods include strict attention to detail and we will keep the yard work schedule for you. We strive to free up your time, allowing you to enjoy your lawn instead of being controlled by it. 


Commercial Groundskeeping Services 

Our success in residential yard services transfers excellently to commercial properties. We know a company’s appearance can make or break a first impression, and when you are building customer relationships, attractive landscaping is the first step in the right direction. We offer groundskeeping services beyond mowing and edging to ensure that your potential customers are impressed with your image. 

  • Aeration is the service that removes small plugs of soil to prevent and alleviate soil compaction. This helps the grass’s roots to maintain access to water, air, and nutrients essential for a thriving growing season. This can be performed in spring or fall when the grass has time to recover for the full growing season of the summer. 
  • Weed Control starts in the spring with pre-emergent to stay ahead of pesky, unwanted plants. We can spot-treat weeds throughout the growing season, avoiding unnecessary chemicals on thriving grass and plants. In the fall we take special care to remove any prevailing weeds to prevent them from seeding and taking control the following year.
  • Lawn Fertilization starts in the spring to replenish elements in the soil that help grass come out of dormancy. Summer fertilization encourages roots to grow deep when the heat hits. We use a fertilizer developed for unique, high desert soils. Lawn fertilizer service in the fall is arguably the most important in preparing the lawn for a dormant season covered in snow.
  • Yard Clean-Up in the spring may include removing debris that came in with snow and mud. We also prepare flower beds and prune shrubs. In the fall we rake the leaves and fallen branches, prepare the flower beds for winter, plant bulbs, perform light tree trimming duties, and do a final weed removal.

Whether it's spring, summer, or fall, we have your lawn care needs covered. 
Christmas lights

Holiday Lighting

During the winter months, we customize outdoor holiday and Christmas lights. Join in the festivities from the warmth of your home by turning over the reins for your lighting displays. Our outdoor lighting experts make quick and efficient work of customized light designs from installation to take down to storage.

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 $150.00 gratuity. Thanks for all your great work for another year! 

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For year-round exterior services from lawn mowing to holiday lights, contact A Superior Cut. Based near Boise, Idaho, we serve customers throughout the Treasure Valley, including Ontario, OR. Call us today at (385) 227-4452.